Word Finder

What is the Word Finder tool?

Our word finder was developed to assist those who enjoy word games in finding solutions to the challenges they face. The puzzles in Scrabble, Words with Friends, Wordle, and other similar games can now be solved much more quickly and easily. That's not all about Word Finder, it also works well if you want to improve your language skills and expand your vocabulary. No matter the purpose, entertainment, or learning, our tools are useful.

Main Purposes of Word Finder

Word games have always had something to keep players hooked, whether they are experts at crossword puzzles or novice players. That makes our tool even perfect for helping word game lovers learn and entertain at once. Word Finder is designed and optimized to find Scrabble words, solve Wordle puzzles, and find answers to Words with Friends and Word Connect quickly.

Working as a word generator unscrambling random letters and finding words that meet specific requirements, the main purposes of Word Finder are to:

  • Arrange letters to form words from randomly given letters, helping word game players find the right words with higher scores. 
  • Work as a word game cheat tool. It is the solution when you can't bring up the hidden word.
  • Work as a dictionary as users want to learn new words, clicking on it will give you the meaning.
  • Choose the word getting you the highest score out of the provided words.

For example, you are given the following letters "TREAMNEENTINT". You may immediately think of the word "TREATMENT" or "TERMINATE". However, our word finder will suggest the first word with all 13 letters used as "ENTERTAINMENT" which gives you a higher score. 

How To Use The Word Finder Tool For Beginners?

Each word game will have a different set of rules, gameplay, and requirements. Word Finder is not designed for a fixed game in mind, it is optimized for all.

Depending on your game, choose suitable functions.

Step 1: Enter Letters - Enter the letters you have into the box
Step 2: Press Enter or click on the "search" icon to ask for results.

Use advanced features to find words faster

  • START WITH: Find a word that starts with a definite letter
  • ENDS WITH: Find a word that ends with a definite letter
  • CONTAIN: Find a word by a definite letter
  • LENGTH: Find a word by a specific length.

From now on, you can confidently beat your opponent and win, as well as improve your vocabulary skills. The Word Finder will accompany you!